Friday, 30 July 2010

Song of the Day - 6

Especially for my two friends whose birthday is today.

"Celebration" by Kool and the Gang.


How to Live in the World But Not of the World

Sometimes I remember past experiences and sometimes I don't. My memory is very selective that way.

One thing I will NEVER forget is when during meditation I experienced that place in me that felt like all the love, happiness, joy and peace I've ever experienced magnified a zillion times. It's a "place" of pure feeling that felt so wonderful that I didn't want to return to this ordinary awareness. The more I experienced that inexhaustible joy, the more I got depressed in ordinary awareness.

I've since learned I can either spend hours in meditation trying to get to that place of pure inexhaustible love or I can simply remember what it felt like and I'm right back to feeling happiness that is not of this world.

I can then spread the joy wherever I am.

I am Feeling.


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Thursday, 29 July 2010

When the Pieces Fit

I believe Life is a jigsaw puzzle consisting of infinite pieces.

Each piece represents each individual; and the pieces around each piece represents how we are all working together in perfect harmony.

My first task is to find the right piece that is my shape and size.

How do I know which piece is me?

When I'm being true to myself and following my heart, I am being my jigsaw piece. Then the jigsaw pieces around me resonate in perfect harmony with who I am being.

While I was working on this piece, I received an email with information that I couldn't quite connect with. There have been times when I have received emails that are not my fit but I have felt it was for the pieces around me and have forwarded it. I didn't feel this email was appropriate to forward so I deleted it.

In this infinite jigsaw puzzle called life, there is a special piece with a perfect shape and size that only I can fit.

When I'm being true to myself, I am the perfect fit; and all the pieces are in perfect harmony


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Song of the Day - 5

"Put Your Record On" by Corinne Bailey Rae.

I believe this song is pure perfection on all levels - lyrics, melody, the truth that resonates, Corinne's voice. I get really emotional when I listen to it.


The Best is Yet to Come

As I was walking home, I suddenly felt my eyes getting so blurry that it bothered me for a moment. When I dismissed it as nothing, my vision cleared up. Later when I checked my emails, I noticed someone had left a comment to an article I'd written 6 years ago about vision (as in the eyesight). The time I'd received the notification was around the same time I'd experienced the blurry vision. Aha, so that's what I'd been picking up!

It would seem that my actions in the "past" do have an impact on my present now. Therefore, according to cause/effect, whatever I give out is always going to return to me like in the article.

On the other hand, I believe the past has no impact whatsoever on my present.


Because who I am as Self is Infinite and nothing can put a dent on Infinity. Therefore, it doesn't matter how much joy I've experienced and shared in the "past", there's still so much more to come. Even if I could no longer remember my past joy, I would still experience joy anyway as that is my nature.

The past doesn't really matter as the best is yet to come.


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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Intuition as Advance Warning - Part 2

I have written elsewhere:

"As I see it, intuition is a blatantly obvious signal that is impossible for me to avoid. It's rather like flashing road signs that give motorists advance warning about roadworks ahead. Drivers can then choose whether to act on the warning or not." Intuition as Advance Warning
Here's another example.

Before I went to bed, I plugged my mobile to be charged. In the middle of the night I heard a beeping sound which usually signifies that I've either received a text message or that the mobile is fully charged. When I checked the mobile, I didn't see any text notificiatiion so I presumed it was now fully charged.

Early this morning, I noticed that I had plugged the charger but hadn't switched it on. So it would seem that the mobile had beeped to remind me to switch the electricity on.

Oh well, better late than never!

Thanks for the warning anyway, mate.


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Self-Promotion - Part 2

"Do not make the mistake of imagining that the nature of mind is exclusive to our mind only. It is in fact the nature of everything. It can never be said too often that to realize the nature of mind is to realize the nature of all things." The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche
In a previous piece called Self-Promotion, I discussed how I am only interested in promoting the awareness of the one Self in all and magnifying the attributes of Self.

Let's say I want to focus on the abundance of Self. I believe nature demonstrates that attribute of Self perfectly. It doesn't matter whether it's plants and flowers in someone's front or back garden, or in a park, woods or forests, the abundance of Self can still be observed and experienced.

Have you ever tried to count leaves on a tree? There are so many. Nature is naturally lavish and generous and will produce a superabundance of fruits regardless whether there is anyone to enjoy them or not.

Nature expresses its abundance effortlessly.

Nature expands itself far and wide to interact and share its abundance with other species (as can be seen on the above photo). I believe if nature was left to its own devices, it will continue to expand its abundance forever.

The Self that is being expressed so abundantly in nature is the same Self in me. I only need to constantly remember my nature as abundance and let it expand effortlessly.

I am Abundance.


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Image: Phlox in the Sink 9 by Matthew Cromer

Monday, 26 July 2010


I have no interest in promoting a cause, lifestyle, philosophy, religion, saviour or teacher; I'm only interested in Self-promotion.

By Self, I am referring to the One Intelligence, Life, Light, Love, Power, Source, Spirit and Substance in all

I promote the Self by focusing on Self and sharing my personal experiences of Self in my every day life.

Stories I share also promote the attributes of Self as they are being revealed to me as follows:

the abundance of Self;
the beauty of Self;
the blissfulness of Self;
the boundlessness of Self;
the freedom of Self;
the fulness of Self;
the goodness of Self;
the indivisibility of Self;
the infinitude of Self;
the ingenuity of Self;
the joy of Self;
the majesty of Self;
the omnipotence of Self;
the omniscience of Self;
the omnipresence of Self;
the perfection of Self;
the radiance of Self;
the simplicity of Self;
the singularity of Self;
the steadfastness of Self;
the timelessness of Self;
the totality of Self;
the wealth of Self;
the wonder of Self;

and so much more.

My life's purpose is all about magnifying the Self and Self-promotion. Nothing else matters.


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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Experiences Choose How They Wish to Be Expressed

Every experience I have is a different angle or perspective of Infinite Mind that is seeking expression as me and through me.

In other words, not only does the Experience choose which way it wants to be expressed in physical form, it also chooses how it should be expressed as words.

There are times when after I've written a piece, I have a feeling of dissatisfaction in what I've written which, to me, suggests that I haven't quite captured the essence of the experience. Then I find myself re-writing it in a different way. I know when I have "captured it" when I feel that inner "click..

The Experience chooses the title of the story and any relevant previous articles.

I am that which I am experiencing.

The Experience and I are one.


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Intuition as Advance Warning

I used to think of intuition as a guidance that I can either "receive" when I'm in the right frame of mind or miss out on when I'm not. Once I receive the intuition, I can then choose whether to act upon the guidance or ignore at my peril.

I've had a rethink about intuition.

As I see it, intuition is a blatantly obvious signal that is impossible for me to avoid. It's rather like flashing road signs that give motorists advance warning about roadworks ahead. Drivers can then choose whether to act on the warning or not.

While I was travelling on the bus and was busy pondering on an idea, I suddenly had a movie-like image flash in my mind's eye where I saw the bus turning down a road it doesn't usually travel down and I saw myself walking down that road. Then I returned to what I was thinking.

About fifteen minutes later, the bus turned down a road that's not it's usual route and the driver announced it was being diverted. Although I could have stayed on the bus until it eventually joined the main road further down, I decided to act on the flashing warning I had received earlier. I got off at the next stop and walked from there. I discovered the reason why all traffic was diverted was because of major roadworks.

Thanks, Love, for your constant advance warnings, which I always pick up on no matter what I'm dreaming about.


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Friday, 23 July 2010


On my way to the library, I thought about how you never see kids at that particular library. I thought it would be fun to see some there for a change.

The reason why there are no kids at that library is because it's a reference library specialising in business information. It usually attracts business people and entrepreneus. As they obviously don't stock children's books, they are hardly likely to attract kids. Besides, kids are expected to be at school not doing business research unless, of course, they are mini-entrepreneurs. The thought of kids in suits attending business seminars made me chuckle.

While I was in the library, I noticed a woman using the Internet; and on the chair beside her was a boy, around two or three year old, playing on the computer. An entrepreneur friend, who frequently uses that library, nodded in the boy's direction and whispered to me that he was really impressed the boy was starting so early. I shared my earlier thought and we both had a good chuckle. He said kids should be trained very early about business. I had a feeling he was being serious too.

It's amazing how quickly my thoughts are being made manifest these days!


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Turn It Down, Will You?

When I got on the bus and sat on my favourite seat, I noticed the heating was blasting out hot air which made my feet really uncomfortable. In thought I said, "It's way too hot for my liking. Would you please either turn it down or switch it off?"

The heating was switched off.

Thank you!


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Thursday, 22 July 2010

That Loving Feeling

When I look at my photos, I feel endless love pouring out of them.

It is the love that adores and cherishes me always; the love that sees me as perfect at all times; the love that accepts who I am being without judgment; the love that wants me to be happy and makes me happy; the love that gives me comfort; the love that provides all that I need; the love that supports everything I do; the love that nourishes me; the love that inspires me; the love that is my constant companion, confidant, friend, guide, healer, lover, muse, parent, partner, playmate, provider and teacher; the love that nourishes me; the love that is my life; the love that is my infinite source; the love that is consistent, persistent and never fails.

I am truly the love I seek.

I'm really grateful to my friend for taking my photos.


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It Will Come to Me - Revisited

While I was browsing one website two days ago, I thought about how the website's design reminded me of another website that deals with similar topics but I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was called. So I thought to myself: "It will come to me." Guess what? I received an email from the other website today with updates.

Wow, the answer did literally come to me!

As Hannibal from the American TV series The A Team used to say: "I love it when a plan comes together."


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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Thought of the Day

You know that feeling when you know that they know and they know that you know but they don't know that they know you know that they know you know, know what I mean? ;)


The Beauty of a Smile

During my bus journey I noticed the woman sitting in front of me had a pink rose on her hair. Although the rose was artificial, it still looked beautiful and I kept admiring it.

As she and I were getting off at the same stop I told her I'd been admiring her rose and how beautiful it was. She took off her shades, said thank you and smiled at me.

The beauty of that rose paled in comparison to her smile.

Thank you, friend, for brightening my day. I will never forget your smile.


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The Personal Touch

It's good to know that there are all these well-meaning people out there who are sharing their knowledge and expertise on the Web which can be found on various search engines. The only snag with the Internet that it can be a tad impersonal.

Two days ago my mother and I discussed horses' temperaments and how they can be easily startled over nothing. Given their temperament, mum wondered how people used to go to battle on horse back. I thought it was a good question. I said maybe a lot of the fighters got thrown off their horses. I had it in mind to research it on Google the next day.

The next day I was so busy with other stuff, I forgot about the research. One thing that kept popping in my head though was how much I would love some doughnuts. I figured I'd walk to a particular supermarket, which would mean taking a slight detour from my route home. Then I changed my mind and decided to go to the supermarket which was closest and most convenient for me. The supermarket had none left, which was very strange. So I ended up walking to the other supermarket I'd thought of earlier. On the way, I noticed a stationary mounted police officer, which reminded me of plan to research horses. I thought why bother doing all that hard research when I can ask the police officer? I crossed over the road and posed my question to him.

The officer said in those days horses behaved more like herds and followed other animals anyway so they all ran in the same direction and the battles would be fought as they were running. Horses were also very cheap and dispensable and could easily be replaced. He said nowadays because horses are trained to deal with people and traffic, they are not easily startled as ones in the countryside. As I was chatting to him, I patted his horse, which had a white with tiny black speckles coat. The officer said she recently had a baby. Other people walking by stopped to take photographs of the horse and she didn't seem to mind; she was lapping up all the attention. Then I thanked the officer and said goodbye to him and his horse.

Although the officer had only given me his opinion, I liked that I was able to chat to him and stroke his horse. No search engine can ever give me that personal touch.

Of course when I went to the supermarket, they had lots of doughnuts in stock.

Thank you, Universe, for meeting both my needs.


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From a Different Angle

"But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away." 1 Corinthians 13: 10
As I was walking to the shops, I decided to walk down a different road for a change. When I lost my sense of direction, I thought to myself, "I haven't got a clue where I am!"

The Inner Voice said: "I do. Just relax and I'll take you where you want to go."

I found myself walking on a road called "Angel Court" and after a few twists and turns, I was soon back on the main road. After visiting the shops, I took another route and got disorientated and asked for help. Again, the Inner Voice told me to relax and let Him walk me.

After a few minutes the Voice said: "Do you recognise where you are?"

"Now I do! I can't believe I didn't recognise it earlier! Thank you!"

It turned out I had been walking down a street that I usually walk down from the opposite direction, which I've never done before. It was the equivalent of walking on the ceiling of a room I'm very familiar with. No wonder I had felt disoriented. Just as well the Inner Voice has intimate knowledge of all perspectives.

Speaking of which, I saw a photograph yesterday of a man wearing a turban with his hands clasped in front of him. Because the photograph was taken from the top, at first I didn't have a clue what I was looking at. It was only when I did a second take that I realised what it was.

The problem with the way humans have been designed is that we only tend to see things in part, which the Bible refers to as seeing "through a glass darkly." (1 Corinthains 13: 12) In other words, I only tend to see people from the profile, front or back, To see someone clearly, I have to take into account the different facets: up, down, back, front, left, right, inside. Next, the individual's preferred use of their senses; some people are more visual, others more auditory, some are feeling oriented etc. Then there are the beliefs that people have which are as varied as there are people. And then there's someone's aura, and so the list goes on and on.

If the truth be told, I haven't got the time or inclination to study people but I know someone who already knows everyone inside out - Spirit, the One Self in all.

Spirit only sees perfection as He has the complete picture.

That's why it's so important for me to practise the following:

1. Don't judge anyone, as I don't have the full picture;
2. Always ask for guidance from Spirit;
3. Let Spirit do the work.

Then I come to realise that I'm never lost, I'm simply experiencing life from a different angle.


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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Power of Wonder

For the last few weeks I've been noticing this young man washing a car at least once a week. When I teased him about how dedicated he was to his car, he told me it was father's car. As I was walking by the car this morning, I wondered where he was. Suddenly a woman I sometimes see at the local park appeared and said hello. She said she lives in the neighbourhood. While we were chatting about the neighbourhood and her family, the young man turned up with a bucket of water. I told him I'd been wondering where he was.

On the way to the bus stop, I thought about the four kids (two brothers and two sisters) that I usually see on their way to the local school. I wondered if they were already on their school holidays. As I walked past this car, I heard tapping on the car window. It was one of the girls waving at me. She and her sister and brothers were sitting in the car and a man, presumably their dad, was fiddling in the car boot. I asked the girl if they were on holidays and she said they finish this Friday.

Later in the evening as I was walking through our local park, I noticed this woman sitting on the grass with a huge dog. I remember seeing him being walked by the same woman and a man yesterday at another park. At the time I had wondered what the breed was but I didn't ask as I wasn't in the mood for a conversation. Now that I was, I asked her what breed it was and she said it was a Great Dane. I told her I had seen her with a man yesterday and she said it was her husband. After patting the dog's great head, I wished them good evening.

It's amazing what happens when I wonder.


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Monday, 19 July 2010

Song of the Day - 4

Thanks a lot Joe, now you've got me listening to Boney M. Enjoying my trip down memory lane though. :-)

"Ma Baker" by Boney M.


Song of the Day - 3

"Sunny" by Boney M.


The Provider

In a society where people are expected to play different roles, men are usually expected to be providers while women are expected to be care takers. Thus, the man goes to work to provide for his family, while his wife looks after the home and children.

Although I wasn't raised in a traditional "nuclear family" environment, as my parents split up when I was four, my mother and my two brothers and I lived in an extended family with my uncle (my mother's older brother) and his family. My uncle (who has now passed away) was my father-figure and went out to work to provide for the family; while his wife looked after us kids.

Almost every morning around 5 am, my uncle would gather the family round for prayer. As I had to be up early anyway for school, which started at 7.45 am, I resented waking up that early to listen to my uncle "rant and rave" or to recite prayers in rote fashion. There were many mornings when I refused to get up and I got punished; but I didn't care as it meant I had another hour's sleep. After a while, my uncle realised he couldn't "break me" so he just let me sleep and I would join them when I felt like it.

It was only years later that I realised the purpose of those prayer meetings. My uncle already provided the money needed to nourish our physical bodies; prayer was his way of providing nourishment for our souls; though his way wasn't my cup of tea.

In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with false beliefs and images of lack, limitation, imperfection, and scarcity, I believe it's very important to be nourished with Truth, as I see it anyway. So now every day when I wake up I nourish myself with affirmations of Love's omnipresence. I remind myself that regardless of appearances there is only completion, fulfilment, perfection and wholeness; which then translates into the equivalent human experience.

I also visualise White Light, the real Provider of all needs, pouring through my crown to all parts of my body then spilling out into the world and beyond.

Thank you to the Infinite Provider that is Light for expressing through my uncle.

Thank you, uncle, for providing for my wellbeing and for teaching me about the importance of mental nourishment, though I didn't appreciate it at the time. I have a feeling wherever you are, you are smiling "down" at me.


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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Law of Attraction - Debunked

A friend once "accused" me of doing the "Law of Attraction" (LOA) on him so I could pull him. I told him I don't do LOA; I don't have to, things just happen.

Given that I've shared lots of experiences about how my thoughts, feelings and beliefs "attract" similar experiences, surely those demonstrate that I do practise LOA. It might appear to be LOA but in truth, there is no LOA.

LOA states that if I do such and such or hold such and such a belief I will then attract an experience. This suggests that I do not have the experience in the first place that's why I need to do something to magnetise the experience to me.

I believe that trying to attract or magnetise an experiences shows a lack of understanding of the nature of Reality. As I see it, only One exists. The One is the sum total of all beings, all experiences, all expressions, all realities forever joined and moving together as one for all time. Nothing can separate any of us; in fact, it is impossible to be separated as we are one for all time.

I believe the air that we all breathe, which is everywhere present, is a perfect analogy of the One. How can air attract more air when air is all there is?

I, therefore, cannot attract something that is already part of me. The belief that we need to work together to achieve unity consciousness is a delusion; we are already joined. The belief that we were ever disconnected is another delusion; we are joined for all time.

If we are all joined, how then do we create? The first step is recognising that all experiences already exist as the One, just like air contains the gases nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide. The next step is focusing on what you want to experience. When I put out an intention that I want to have a particular experience, my focus brings that experience to my conscious awareness. The more attention I give it, the more it is magnified in my awareness, and before you know it I am having the experience for real.

When I no longer have the desire for the experience, or stop giving it my attention, it ceases to exist in my awareness. While the experience appears to have dissolved from my experience, it doesn't mean I'm no longer joined with it; we are still joined for all time because that's the nature of oneness.

While I was pondering on these ideas, I was actually in town waiting for my bus home, which was taking ages to arrive. I had a thought that there had to be a very good reason for the delay. When it finally arrived, it was packed full. I could easily have caught the one behind, which I knew would be empty, but I opted for the one in front. I did manage to find a seat though.

During the journey, this young Asian woman sat in front of me to my right. (In the UK "Asian" refers to people of Indian Sub-continent origin). She had huge hazel eyes that were really stunning. Although I'd never met her before, I thought there was something familiar about her. As if she'd picked up on my thoughts, she stared right back at me. Then I noticed her black t-shirt had the word "AIR" printed in gold. Aha, no wonder she looked so familiar!

Another man got on and sat directly opposite me. He was reading a book called "Swimming Lessons." I wondered whether it was about swimming lessons or a book of fiction with the title "Swimming Lessons." I thought that if you're not very good at swimming, you'll be gasping for air. I was really having fun making connections. The man seemed to find the book amusing and on two occasions laughed out loud. I asked him what the book was about. He said it was an anthology of short stories about the Parsis, a religion in India. He said the stories were quite funny. I asked him why it was called "swimming lessons" and he said it was named after one of the stories.

At some point during the journey another man got on. He really stood out for me because he seemed really happy. His face was glowing. He sat on my left. Later I heard him asking a passenger about a road and she told him he wasn't there yet. When the woman got off I had a thought that maybe I could help him. A few minutes later, the man turned to me and asked me if I knew where Cazenove Road was. I told him I did.

A few days before when I noticed that road, I thought to myself that I bet you one of these days someone is going to ask me if I know where that road is. My prediction had come true.

"The reason why I know that road," I said to the man, "is because it reminds me of the actor, Christopher Cazenove. Do you remember him?"

"Oh yes! Didn't he used to play villains?" he said

"Yes, something like that," I chuckled. "I'll let you know when to get off."

"Oh, that is such good news!" he smiled.

As my friend was getting off at the stop he said, "If I see Christopher Cazenove, I'll pass on your regards."

"You do that!" I said. (I've since discovered the actor passed away in April of this year).

I knew there was a very good reason why my bus was delayed and why I chose to travel on that bus!

When I got off the bus and was walking home, which takes about 15 minutes, I started feeling really high. I thought to myself that I was so happy I could kiss and hug everyone. I imagined myself sending hugs and kisses to the entire universe. A few minutes later I noticed this limousine parked outside a fast food restaurant and there were about 15 young women, dressed in pink, standing around the car dancing to music. I guessed they were out on a hen night. As soon as one of the girls saw me she ran over and gave me a kiss and a big hug. I thought my friend was as high as I was; but hers was on alcohol. I asked who was getting married and she pointed to the girl in the middle with the white veil who waved at me. I waved back and wished her well. Then I said goodbye to my friends.

As long as I keep believing there's space between me and whatever I want to experience, as long as I keep believing in separation, then LOA will continue to be relevant as it's a Law of trying to connect you with your good by thinking or doing. When I accept that all experiences already exist and I'm already joined with them, I am no longer doing LOA but simply focusing on what I want to experience and letting the One take care of the details. That's why during my bus journey, the relevant experiences manifested from the One when I needed them and dissolved back into the One when their purpose had been served; though, of course, we are joined for all time.

I don't need to do Law of Attraction as I am already one with all that I seek.


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Saturday, 17 July 2010

If God Was Human

If God was human, the moment you say or do what God doesn't like, your name would be immediately deleted from God's mailing list, blocked from God's friends list, and you would be ex-communicated for all eternity. :-)

Just as well the God I believe in is the only Love presence that occupies all realities. You can try all you like to stop loving God but it is impossible for God to stop loving you.


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Friday, 16 July 2010

Chocolate Break

While I was working in the library, I had this thought that I fancied a bar of chocolate. Did I fancy going out to get one? Nah, can’t be bothered. So I let the thought go. About an hour later, a friend I haven’t seen in ages walked in. She said she'd come in especially to see me and say hello. She had a big bar of chocolate for me, which I polished off in no time at all.

Thanks, love, for the chocolate. It was yummy! :-)


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Behind Every Great Man

I'm a huge fan of the artist, Salvador Dali.

Apparently, the woman who he believed saved him from madness was his wife Gala, who was also his muse, model, and business partner.

As they say, "behind every great man is a great woman."


One Problem, One Solution

Years ago, I had this vivid dream where people were asking me questions about various problems they were having. Each time I was asked I would look in a book and the solution was always the same - one.

But, why was I giving out the same solution when people obviously had different kinds of problems? Surely, I should have given answers that matched the problems?

I believe my dream was revealing that no matter how many problems there appear to be, they are all manifestations of the one problem which stems from forgetfulness of the nature of reality: that there is only One Self appearing as the many.

Now the One knows nothing of problems nor does He ever experience problems. Since the One doesn't have any problems, there are no problems. However, in order to experience this as real, it's important to constantly remember that regardless of appearances, only One exists.

Then just observe as the One Self does all the work of dissolving, resolving and transforming what appears to be "problems" in amazing and wonderful ways to meet each individual's needs.

The solution to everyone's problems is One.


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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Why Nothing is Impossible with Spirit

"The things which are impossible with men are possible with God." Luke 18: 27
I believe the ways of Spirit, our True Self, is totally different from the ways of humans. Here are a few examples.

Humans believe in classes, degrees, hierarchies, levels and statuses. The more qualifications, skills, talent and knowledge you have, the more you're worth. In some professions, it's actually the reverse. The arts, for instance, is regarded as having little or no value.

Spirit, on the other hand, sees everyone as having the same worth and value regardless of background. Spirit also sees everyone as deserving of all the good in the Universe regardless of "status."

Speaking of which, earlier today a friend and I were discussing Premier League footballers in the UK who earn millions of Pounds a year. We discussed how these footballers are treated like commodities and being sold to the highest bidder until they arrive at a certain age when they're no longer considered to have much value and confined to the scrapheap.

Humans believe some problems take more time and energy to resolve than others. Someone with a terminal illness, for example, is believed to need a lot more care, attention and resources than someone with a headache. It is also believed that some illnesses are a lot quicker to cure than others.

As far as Spirit is concerned, everything is the same and no illness is more difficult than another. Therefore, the same power that can heal a headache is the same that can cure a cancer instantly. In any case, Sprit’s resources are inexhaustible.

Humans believe some situations are a lot easier to "create" or manifest than others. Therefore, it's a lot easier to manifest 50 pence than £1 million, because the latter requires you to either put in a lot of hard work or have the equivalent consciousness for that amount.

Spirit, on the other hand, sees no difference between a penny and £1 million as they are both the same. Like healing, the same power that can manifest a penny can manifest £1 million.

As I was working on this piece in the library, a woman sitting on the computer beside me asked me if I could type a letter for her. She said she'd forgotten her glasses at home and couldn't see to type. I found it rather amusing that she was asking me that question because earlier on I had been chatting to the same friend I mentioned earlier about how fast my typing is. It's as if the Universe wanted me to prove it. I told the woman that I couldn't help her as I was busy writing and didn't have much time left on the computer. Then I thought to myself that although this piece is important to me, I can easily finish it at home. My friend needs my help now. I decided to type her letter for her. She ended up logging in with her library card which gave me all the time I needed.

In her letter, my friend was complaining to the local council about a pavement she'd tripped on which broke her left foot and is now in plaster. She's been told her foot will take between 3 to 6 months to heal. Apparently, her neighbour had complained about the pavement before to the Council, but nothing had been done. She stressed in her letter that she is suffering physically and mentally and desperate for their assistance. At the moment, she has to rely on her neighbour to take her child to and collect from school. While I was printing out her letter, my friend told me that the day she tripped was the same day England had been playing Germany in the recent World Cup football. She said the hospital department was so short staffed due to people watching the football match, she had to return the next day to get her foot sorted properly. She also said after the incident she wrote to the Council but they claimed they never received her letter. That's why she's having it re-done. She asked me to print two copies for her: one for the Council and one for her record. I also promised to email her the original.

I believe my friend's experience epitomises the human beliefs I have discussed earlier. Because people's needs are given different priorities, my friend's needs didn't appear to have been taken seriously by the Council or the hospital. Also, because of the medical belief that things take time, she's accepted that her foot is going to take months to heal.

Is it possible that one's beliefs in levels and difficulties prevents one from experiencing miracles and instantaneous healing? Was my friend's beliefs interfering with her good?

I believe nothing can separate us from our good because Spirit is always reminding us of our good and even brings them to us. In my friend's case, her belief in things taking time didn't stop me helping her type her letter. Although I didn't tell her how pertinent the piece I was working on was to her actual experience, I wished her well and hoped everything got sorted out for the best. I know it will. She gave me a peck on the cheek and thanked me for helping her.

With humans, some things are possible and others are not; with Spirit, nothing is impossible.

I am Spirit in human form.


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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Song of the Day - 2

"Roses are Red" by Mac Band.


Joy Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

During my bus journey, just for fun I thought: "This bus is full of Joy." A few stops down, I noticed a whole bunch of school kids waiting. Oh no, I hope they don't come on this bus! They all piled on and they were really loud and seemed excited. It was then I remembered my earlier thought about the bus full of Joy. Joy was appearing in children size. I asked a teacher where they were going and she said to see a film at the local cinema. No wonder they were so excited to be off school.

When the kids got off, a few stops down more school kids came on. Not again! They were also very excited. Again, I asked a teacher where they were going and she said to see the Thames then out for a picnic in the park.

I thought it was very interesting that the day before that when I wanted to travel on an empty bus, I saw lots of school kids waiting at a bus stop, presumably going on another school trip, but none of them got on the bus I was on; they got on the one behind instead.

Ask and you shall receive but be careful what you ask for.


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Diary Management

I'd arrange to spend time with a friend but he hadn't got back to me. When I called him he said he was still waiting on someone else to confirm a meeting then he would let me know when we could meet up. I decide it was best to reschedule to another day that was suitable for both of us.

On my way home later, I decided to catch the bus part of the way. At the bus stop the computerised bus timetable read that my bus was the fifth one due. I thought to myself, if we shift meetings around, I can surely shift these buses around? So in thought I imagined myself moving bus no. 5 to position no. 1. It was rather like using a computer mouse to move files from one folder to another. The bus position instantly changed from 5 to no. 2 and said it was one minute behind the bus in position 1. After a moment my bus was relegated to position no. 4. In thought I moved it back to no. 1. Long story short, my bus was the second to arrive just a few seconds behind the first bus.

The Universe is a diary of continuous meetings. If you don't like when something is happening, rearrange the meeting to a time that works for you and everyone is happy.


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Popping Pills

"I believe when I start looking for a cause for something, I will surely find an answer, whether it's fact or fiction." There is Nothing Wrong
I was reading in a Women's magazine about this woman who has Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS where the legs make involuntary jerky movements that can even disrupt one's sleeping patterns. The woman's husband has also found her "illness" irritating. She said when she researched it, she discovered one cause is a deficiency in iron. When she started taking iron supplements, the RLS got a lot better, though she hasn't quite got rid of it.

It made me realise that I "suffer" from RLS from time to time. It feels like something either crawling over my skin or prickly sensations which can feel very painful. They also make my legs jerk. Although I feel it during the day, it's not as bad as it is at night time when the sensation travels all over my body and it can take ages to relax. I find I can't sit still in one position. In bed, I can't get comfortable.

Like the woman in the article, for ages I wondered what the cause was. The first answer I got was I was picking up on thought forms that didn't resonate with me. The solution was to flood wherever I am with Light. Light dissolves the dissonant thought-forms and I feel at peace. Since thoughts continue to be generated by the collective mind, flooding wherever I am with Light is an ongoing process.

The next answer was the sensations were caused by excess energy that needs to be expressed. During the day when I'm occupied, I can direct the energy at whatever I'm doing. However, in the evening and at night when I'm not doing much, because the energy is not being expressed, it turns in on me and feels very uncomfortable making it very difficult to relax. Meditation doesn't help either.

When I stopped looking for a cause, I discovered a way that gives me instant relief from "RLS" and it's called HELP!

For instance, last night as I was going through restlessness and couldn't get comfortable, I simply called out in thought "Help!" The moment I put out the thought, the sensation stopped. While I didn't fall asleep immediately, I was able to go deeper into myself and just remain in silence.

I've now come full circle. There was a time when if I felt something wrong, instead of pondering over the cause, I would just visit my doctor who would recommend popping pills. I also used to take mineral supplements in case I was lacking in something. Then when I started exploring mind/body healing, I stopped taking pills and started exploring my beliefs. I then attributed everything to having a mental or emotional cause. Once you fix the cause the effect is dissolved or resolved.

Looking for a cause is no longer an option as that keeps me focused on myself as having problems which distracts me from the truth of my being.

I believe Infinite Love is all there is in every moment.

So, if I can call upon the Love Genie any time for help, who gives a toss about cause? Put another way, why have a dog and bark yourself?

I'm now very happy to keep popping those Love "pills" all day long by calling on Love. I pop Love when I wake up, before I do anything I pop Love for energy, and I pop Love at night.

I'm very happy to become a Love addict.


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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Song of the Day - 1

"If You're Ready, Come Go with Me" by Ruby Turner.



The following was previously posted on my blog: Infinite Life, Infinite Joy


Monday, December 19, 2005


It is said that our DNAs contain our genetic and biological heritage.

I believe our DNAs contain a programme called Greatness.

We are all equally great and destined for greatness for all time.

DNA = Do Not Adjust; Do Not Alter.

Do not change who you are; just accept your gift of Greatness.

We are all Great.

With love,

The Great Enocia

What is Self-Love?

I believe there are two types of self-love: love of my own self in human form; and love of Self, which is the all.

Years ago, I used to suffer from depression and thought about committing suicide a lot. I had a very good reason for "wanting out" of the human rat race as I had experienced love from the "other side" that is so wonderful, so out of this world, that life on earth was like living in permanent darkness. It was only when I decided to give love or share what I love with at least one person a day that it gave me a reason to stay. On the odd occasion when I have felt down and wanted out, I've remembered to love. In other words, I have shifted from self-love to Self-love i.e. loving the other parts of Infinite Self.

A few days ago during my bus journey into town I started feeling this throbbing headache. Then this woman came on the bus and asked the driver for directions. I suggested to her that if she got off with me I would walk her to her destination. On the way we got chatting about where she was from and about art and football. As for the headache, it had dissolved into nothing.

Yesterday I had another throbbing headache. As I was sharing some ideas with people over the Web, the headache again dissolved into nothing.

All my love to the all of me and the infinite selves in me.


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Monday, 12 July 2010

Faking It

Last night I heard this woman, presumably our next door neighbour, screaming so loud she sounded just like Samantha from the American comedy Sex and the City. I reckon she was faking it; he couldn't have been that good.

Either that or she was just showing off.

I still think she was faking it. :-)


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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Perfect Match- Revisited

I popped into the supermarket to get one item. I noticed all the checkouts had long queues. I chose the shortest one. As I was waiting, I thought how much I liked the woman's outfit which was interesting how she'd put it all together. The woman turned round and said to me, "Is that all you have?"

"Yes," I said.

"You can go ahead of me."

"Thank you!" I said. "I like your outfit, by the way."

"Really? I was thinking that I hope no one thinks I'm mad the way I put it all together."

"You look good to me."

It's wonderful how both our needs were met so perfectly. I wanted to get in and out of the supermarket as quickly as possible; and my friend needed assurance about her outfit.

Perfect match, I say.


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The Follower

I saw something today I've never seen before - a Ginger cat with a dog's lead sitting next to this man. When I asked the guy if he was taking his cat for a walk, he said: "No, he follows me everywhere." He said the cat's name was Tom. They were waiting for a bus. The cat then leaped on to the man's lap.

How sweet! :-)


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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Tour Guide

During my bus journey into town I was thinking that I would pop over to the Tate Modern gallery later this afternoon. A few stops later, a woman got on the bus and asked the driver how to get to the Tate Modern. He advised her how to get there via a route which I thought was long-winded. I thought I could easily take her to the gallery as it wasn't far from where I was headed. As if the woman had sensed my thoughts, she came and sat next to me. I told her I'd been thinking of the Tate Modern and I would be happy to show her where it is if she didn't mind walking. Although she was pulling a suitcase she said she didn't mind walking as it was a lovely morning anyway.

I discovered my friend was from Holland. As Holland is in the World Cup finals we chatted about the football. I told her I wanted Holland to win. My friend said she works in the arts and we chatted about that.

I walked her as far as the Millenium Bridge which leads to the Tate Modern and we exchanged hugs.

Life is full of unexpected moments like these to connect with lovely people.


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My mother is expecting one of her close friends to visit her today. For the last few days she's been excitedly planning what to cook for her friend. She even asked me to buy a drink her friend would enjoy. She's also advised her friend how to get to her place.

It got me thinking that life on earth is rather like being invited as a guest of honour at a party that lasts forever or as long as I can hack it. The host/God has already prepared my favourite foods, my favourite entertainment, and people I resonate with that I can have fun with. He has even provided the clothes to wear. All I have to do is show up and enjoy it all for free.

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. I am having a ball.


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My Friend, Archie

As I was resting on a park bench, I noticed a dog I met at the same park a week ago. As soon as he saw me he headed in my direction. He rested his head between my legs for me to stroke his head. Then I noticed a ball underneath the bench. When I picked it up I felt saliva all over it. It was obviously his ball. He motioned for me to throw the ball and I did. My friend went to fetch the ball and brought it back. By then, the ball had picked up more dirt and slobber, which he dropped on my lap.

"Oh no, you're getting my trousers filthy!" I said.

"Archie, come over here!" his human friend said. "If he's getting on your nerves just tell him to go away."

"It's OK, I've met Archie before," I said. "The last time he was with a woman."

"She's on holidays at the moment," he said. "I'm looking after him."

I threw Archie's ball and he ran off to pick it up. Then he ran to his friend to play. After a few minutes, he was back for more strokes and for me to toss his slimy ball.

I had a feeling our game could go on forever so I told Archie I was leaving. On the way out, I noticed Archie had attracted two new playmates - a man and his son.

Thanks, Archie, for showing me that there's a lot of fun to be had in every moment, even if I had to get your saliva all over me.


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Friday, 9 July 2010

Infinite Energy

My Soul is Living Light that contains limitless energy, which can never be depleted. To tap into that vast resource, all I have to do is ask for help and Soul gives me the energy I need.

So I decided to go to the local Art Centre to chill and read my newspaper. Then I fell asleep. It was such a sweet sleep I was tempted to lie down on the sofa but I knew that wouldn't go down too well. I felt irritable as I was dying to have more sleep and the thought of travelling home just made me more irritable and tired. My eyesight was also blurry.

I asked for Energy to clear my vision and to take me home. As I also had an errand to run for my mother later, I asked for Energy to help with the task.

I was now wide awake and alert. I walked part of the way and decided to catch the bus the rest of the journey. At the bus, the notice read that my bus was due in 10 minutes. I didn' t fancy waiting for that long so I asked the Energy to speed things up. My bus arrived a lot sooner.

At one point during the bus journey the roads were blocked. The driver announced that there had been an accident and he was being instructed to take a diversion. He said he didn't have a clue where that road led to. For a few minutes he just sat there without moving which annoyed remaining passengers on the bus. I suggested to the driver that if he follows the route his superior has suggested, we will find our way from there. He started the engine and turned left. At the next junction, he asked another driver to direct him. We were soon back on track. The driver said he was so relieved. He said it can be tough on drivers when they're expected to divert at such short notice when they have no idea where they're going. I knew everything was working perfectly as I'd already received the Energy for it. Everyone was happy to get to their destination.

After doing the shopping, I found the bags were a tad heavy. I remembered that I already had all the Energy I need to carry them and my 15 minute walk home was effortless.

I have all the energy I will ever need within me now. All I need to do is ask.


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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Nice Trip Down Memory Lane

During my walks, I noticed this campervan which looks identical to the campervan my then boyfriend and I once travelled around Australia in. I wondered who the owners were so I could have have their permission to look properly at it.

My dream came true yesterday. As I was walking past the van, I noticed two women and two kids standing outside a house near the van. I asked one woman whose van it was and she pointed to the other woman. I told her how much the van reminded me of my trip down under. She was happy for me to look through the window.

"It must bring back a lot of memories for you," she said.

"Yes it does. It's exactly like the one we travelled in," I said.

"I hope it wasn't as old as this one," she said.

"It was old but it was lovely."

I thanked my friend and wished them good evening.

Thank you, Universe, for making another dream come true so effortlessly.


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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I'll Be Happy When

The following article was previously posted at my Life is Wonderful blog.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I'll Be Happy When

I'll be happy when:

I grow up
I leave home
I go to university
I get a degree
I find my dream job
I get promoted
I earn lots of dosh

I'll be happy when:

I have lots of friends
I get rid of some of my friends
Friends leave me alone

I'll be happy when:

I can afford to buy nice things
I have the latest gadgets
I move into my own home
My neighbours move away
I get new neighbours

I'll be happy when:

It stops raining
It stops snowing
It gets warmer
It gets cooler
There are no weather forecasts

I'll be happy when:

I go travelling round the world
I visit lots of exotic places
I live abroad for a while
I emigrate to Australia

I'll be happy when:

I meet the One
I am married to the One
I have kids with the One
The kids leave home
I get a divorce
I can do as I please

I'll be happy when:

I win the lottery
I am a millionaire
I am rich and famous
I win lots of awards

I'll be happy when:

I get better
I go on a diet
I lose weight
I gain weight
I have cosmetic surgery
I look 10 years younger

I'll be happy when:

I raise lots of money for charity
I raise awareness for certain causes
I devote my life to serving humanity

I'll be happy when:

There is a new government
There is a New World Order
The Messiah comes
There is no more poverty in the world
There is peace in the Middle East

I'll be happy when:

I have met my guru
I am enlightened
I am "awake" from the dream
I can manifest my destiny

I will be happy when:

I move to a deserted island where there are no humans, animals and insects

I will be happy when:

I am dead
I meet my loved ones in heaven
I meet my Maker

I will be happy when....

Will you stop dreaming!

A musician doesn't wait for a record deal
Before he starts writing songs,
He writes songs because that's who he is


Happiness is not something that happens when
Such and such happens,
Happiness is who you are now

Be happy and the rest follows

I am happy now and forever.


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There is Nothing Wrong

The following article was previously posted at my Back to Basics blog.


Sunday, 27 June 2010

There is Nothing Wrong

When I read at an Internet forum that someone had gone to hospital, I was not interested in the details. I simply thought: "There is nothing wrong." Then I left a comment that I was thinking of the friend.

How can I say "there is nothing wrong" when there was obviously cause for the individual to go to hospital?

Because I didn't want to get into that cause mentality. I believe when I start looking for a cause for something, I will surely find an answer, whether it's fact or fiction. But when I start from the premise that there is nothing wrong, then nothing is going to be the outcome.

I remember when I used to have pain in one knee that was so bad it kept giving way and it made me limp. I went looking for a cause for the pain. After the knee was X-rayed, they couldn't find any cause but I wasn't happy with that result; I was going to find a cause by hook or by crook. Since conventional medicine couldn't help, I sought solutions in alternative therapies. The energy healer told me the cause was a past life issue; the physiotherapist told me the cause was genetic; the chiropractor told me the cause was physiological; the osteopath said the cause was both physiological and post-traumatic; the acupuncturist told me the cause was a blockage in my energy centres; the homeopath told me the cause was emotional. And so my quest continued leading me to train and become a practitioner of Reiki, NLP and Pranic Healing. I also studied shamanic healing and spiritual healing. These various models of healing suggested that the cause was emotional and mental. I still wasn't healed.

It was only after I depleted my funds and got desperate that I turned to God and asked for help. I was shown a vision of myself running. Not long after, I was inspired to run for a bus and I found my knee to be perfect.

My point is while I was out looking for a cause, all I kept finding were more possible causes, while the effect (pain) stubbornly remained. When I asked God for help, I was shown myself as already perfect, so perfect that I can run. In other words, God showed me that there was nothing wrong with me and that nothing was made manifest as healing.

No matter how things appear, stop looking for a cause. Just keep remembering that there is nothing wrong and it's all good. Then whatever it is will be erased and replaced by that which is good for all time.

When I see cause as nothing the effect will also be nothing.


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Paying Attention to the Signs

A few days ago I noticed this man walking in front of me carrying a bag with the same name as a friend's surname. There was something about the name which seemed to be calling out to me so I sent my friend love. I presumed my friend had sent me an email or intended to and I was picking up on his thoughts, but I didn't hear from him.

Earlier today, I forwarded my friend an article another friend had sent me. He wrote to thank me and to tell me that he and his wife had been in a car accident, the very next day after I had seen his name. Apparently, my friend's car had hit a car that had run through a stop sign. He said they're both fine though his wife was bruised. He believes their seat belts and airbags had saved their lives.

I'm so glad I paid attention to that sign.

Love is all there is.


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