Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Best is Yet to Come

As I was walking home, I suddenly felt my eyes getting so blurry that it bothered me for a moment. When I dismissed it as nothing, my vision cleared up. Later when I checked my emails, I noticed someone had left a comment to an article I'd written 6 years ago about vision (as in the eyesight). The time I'd received the notification was around the same time I'd experienced the blurry vision. Aha, so that's what I'd been picking up!

It would seem that my actions in the "past" do have an impact on my present now. Therefore, according to cause/effect, whatever I give out is always going to return to me like in the article.

On the other hand, I believe the past has no impact whatsoever on my present.


Because who I am as Self is Infinite and nothing can put a dent on Infinity. Therefore, it doesn't matter how much joy I've experienced and shared in the "past", there's still so much more to come. Even if I could no longer remember my past joy, I would still experience joy anyway as that is my nature.

The past doesn't really matter as the best is yet to come.


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