Saturday, 24 July 2010

Intuition as Advance Warning

I used to think of intuition as a guidance that I can either "receive" when I'm in the right frame of mind or miss out on when I'm not. Once I receive the intuition, I can then choose whether to act upon the guidance or ignore at my peril.

I've had a rethink about intuition.

As I see it, intuition is a blatantly obvious signal that is impossible for me to avoid. It's rather like flashing road signs that give motorists advance warning about roadworks ahead. Drivers can then choose whether to act on the warning or not.

While I was travelling on the bus and was busy pondering on an idea, I suddenly had a movie-like image flash in my mind's eye where I saw the bus turning down a road it doesn't usually travel down and I saw myself walking down that road. Then I returned to what I was thinking.

About fifteen minutes later, the bus turned down a road that's not it's usual route and the driver announced it was being diverted. Although I could have stayed on the bus until it eventually joined the main road further down, I decided to act on the flashing warning I had received earlier. I got off at the next stop and walked from there. I discovered the reason why all traffic was diverted was because of major roadworks.

Thanks, Love, for your constant advance warnings, which I always pick up on no matter what I'm dreaming about.


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