Thursday, 8 July 2010

Nice Trip Down Memory Lane

During my walks, I noticed this campervan which looks identical to the campervan my then boyfriend and I once travelled around Australia in. I wondered who the owners were so I could have have their permission to look properly at it.

My dream came true yesterday. As I was walking past the van, I noticed two women and two kids standing outside a house near the van. I asked one woman whose van it was and she pointed to the other woman. I told her how much the van reminded me of my trip down under. She was happy for me to look through the window.

"It must bring back a lot of memories for you," she said.

"Yes it does. It's exactly like the one we travelled in," I said.

"I hope it wasn't as old as this one," she said.

"It was old but it was lovely."

I thanked my friend and wished them good evening.

Thank you, Universe, for making another dream come true so effortlessly.


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