Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Paying Attention to the Signs

A few days ago I noticed this man walking in front of me carrying a bag with the same name as a friend's surname. There was something about the name which seemed to be calling out to me so I sent my friend love. I presumed my friend had sent me an email or intended to and I was picking up on his thoughts, but I didn't hear from him.

Earlier today, I forwarded my friend an article another friend had sent me. He wrote to thank me and to tell me that he and his wife had been in a car accident, the very next day after I had seen his name. Apparently, my friend's car had hit a car that had run through a stop sign. He said they're both fine though his wife was bruised. He believes their seat belts and airbags had saved their lives.

I'm so glad I paid attention to that sign.

Love is all there is.


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