Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Popping Pills

"I believe when I start looking for a cause for something, I will surely find an answer, whether it's fact or fiction." There is Nothing Wrong
I was reading in a Women's magazine about this woman who has Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS where the legs make involuntary jerky movements that can even disrupt one's sleeping patterns. The woman's husband has also found her "illness" irritating. She said when she researched it, she discovered one cause is a deficiency in iron. When she started taking iron supplements, the RLS got a lot better, though she hasn't quite got rid of it.

It made me realise that I "suffer" from RLS from time to time. It feels like something either crawling over my skin or prickly sensations which can feel very painful. They also make my legs jerk. Although I feel it during the day, it's not as bad as it is at night time when the sensation travels all over my body and it can take ages to relax. I find I can't sit still in one position. In bed, I can't get comfortable.

Like the woman in the article, for ages I wondered what the cause was. The first answer I got was I was picking up on thought forms that didn't resonate with me. The solution was to flood wherever I am with Light. Light dissolves the dissonant thought-forms and I feel at peace. Since thoughts continue to be generated by the collective mind, flooding wherever I am with Light is an ongoing process.

The next answer was the sensations were caused by excess energy that needs to be expressed. During the day when I'm occupied, I can direct the energy at whatever I'm doing. However, in the evening and at night when I'm not doing much, because the energy is not being expressed, it turns in on me and feels very uncomfortable making it very difficult to relax. Meditation doesn't help either.

When I stopped looking for a cause, I discovered a way that gives me instant relief from "RLS" and it's called HELP!

For instance, last night as I was going through restlessness and couldn't get comfortable, I simply called out in thought "Help!" The moment I put out the thought, the sensation stopped. While I didn't fall asleep immediately, I was able to go deeper into myself and just remain in silence.

I've now come full circle. There was a time when if I felt something wrong, instead of pondering over the cause, I would just visit my doctor who would recommend popping pills. I also used to take mineral supplements in case I was lacking in something. Then when I started exploring mind/body healing, I stopped taking pills and started exploring my beliefs. I then attributed everything to having a mental or emotional cause. Once you fix the cause the effect is dissolved or resolved.

Looking for a cause is no longer an option as that keeps me focused on myself as having problems which distracts me from the truth of my being.

I believe Infinite Love is all there is in every moment.

So, if I can call upon the Love Genie any time for help, who gives a toss about cause? Put another way, why have a dog and bark yourself?

I'm now very happy to keep popping those Love "pills" all day long by calling on Love. I pop Love when I wake up, before I do anything I pop Love for energy, and I pop Love at night.

I'm very happy to become a Love addict.


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