Saturday, 10 July 2010

Tour Guide

During my bus journey into town I was thinking that I would pop over to the Tate Modern gallery later this afternoon. A few stops later, a woman got on the bus and asked the driver how to get to the Tate Modern. He advised her how to get there via a route which I thought was long-winded. I thought I could easily take her to the gallery as it wasn't far from where I was headed. As if the woman had sensed my thoughts, she came and sat next to me. I told her I'd been thinking of the Tate Modern and I would be happy to show her where it is if she didn't mind walking. Although she was pulling a suitcase she said she didn't mind walking as it was a lovely morning anyway.

I discovered my friend was from Holland. As Holland is in the World Cup finals we chatted about the football. I told her I wanted Holland to win. My friend said she works in the arts and we chatted about that.

I walked her as far as the Millenium Bridge which leads to the Tate Modern and we exchanged hugs.

Life is full of unexpected moments like these to connect with lovely people.


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