Tuesday, 13 July 2010

What is Self-Love?

I believe there are two types of self-love: love of my own self in human form; and love of Self, which is the all.

Years ago, I used to suffer from depression and thought about committing suicide a lot. I had a very good reason for "wanting out" of the human rat race as I had experienced love from the "other side" that is so wonderful, so out of this world, that life on earth was like living in permanent darkness. It was only when I decided to give love or share what I love with at least one person a day that it gave me a reason to stay. On the odd occasion when I have felt down and wanted out, I've remembered to love. In other words, I have shifted from self-love to Self-love i.e. loving the other parts of Infinite Self.

A few days ago during my bus journey into town I started feeling this throbbing headache. Then this woman came on the bus and asked the driver for directions. I suggested to her that if she got off with me I would walk her to her destination. On the way we got chatting about where she was from and about art and football. As for the headache, it had dissolved into nothing.

Yesterday I had another throbbing headache. As I was sharing some ideas with people over the Web, the headache again dissolved into nothing.

All my love to the all of me and the infinite selves in me.


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