Thursday, 29 July 2010

When the Pieces Fit

I believe Life is a jigsaw puzzle consisting of infinite pieces.

Each piece represents each individual; and the pieces around each piece represents how we are all working together in perfect harmony.

My first task is to find the right piece that is my shape and size.

How do I know which piece is me?

When I'm being true to myself and following my heart, I am being my jigsaw piece. Then the jigsaw pieces around me resonate in perfect harmony with who I am being.

While I was working on this piece, I received an email with information that I couldn't quite connect with. There have been times when I have received emails that are not my fit but I have felt it was for the pieces around me and have forwarded it. I didn't feel this email was appropriate to forward so I deleted it.

In this infinite jigsaw puzzle called life, there is a special piece with a perfect shape and size that only I can fit.

When I'm being true to myself, I am the perfect fit; and all the pieces are in perfect harmony


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