Thursday, 15 July 2010

Why Nothing is Impossible with Spirit

"The things which are impossible with men are possible with God." Luke 18: 27
I believe the ways of Spirit, our True Self, is totally different from the ways of humans. Here are a few examples.

Humans believe in classes, degrees, hierarchies, levels and statuses. The more qualifications, skills, talent and knowledge you have, the more you're worth. In some professions, it's actually the reverse. The arts, for instance, is regarded as having little or no value.

Spirit, on the other hand, sees everyone as having the same worth and value regardless of background. Spirit also sees everyone as deserving of all the good in the Universe regardless of "status."

Speaking of which, earlier today a friend and I were discussing Premier League footballers in the UK who earn millions of Pounds a year. We discussed how these footballers are treated like commodities and being sold to the highest bidder until they arrive at a certain age when they're no longer considered to have much value and confined to the scrapheap.

Humans believe some problems take more time and energy to resolve than others. Someone with a terminal illness, for example, is believed to need a lot more care, attention and resources than someone with a headache. It is also believed that some illnesses are a lot quicker to cure than others.

As far as Spirit is concerned, everything is the same and no illness is more difficult than another. Therefore, the same power that can heal a headache is the same that can cure a cancer instantly. In any case, Sprit’s resources are inexhaustible.

Humans believe some situations are a lot easier to "create" or manifest than others. Therefore, it's a lot easier to manifest 50 pence than £1 million, because the latter requires you to either put in a lot of hard work or have the equivalent consciousness for that amount.

Spirit, on the other hand, sees no difference between a penny and £1 million as they are both the same. Like healing, the same power that can manifest a penny can manifest £1 million.

As I was working on this piece in the library, a woman sitting on the computer beside me asked me if I could type a letter for her. She said she'd forgotten her glasses at home and couldn't see to type. I found it rather amusing that she was asking me that question because earlier on I had been chatting to the same friend I mentioned earlier about how fast my typing is. It's as if the Universe wanted me to prove it. I told the woman that I couldn't help her as I was busy writing and didn't have much time left on the computer. Then I thought to myself that although this piece is important to me, I can easily finish it at home. My friend needs my help now. I decided to type her letter for her. She ended up logging in with her library card which gave me all the time I needed.

In her letter, my friend was complaining to the local council about a pavement she'd tripped on which broke her left foot and is now in plaster. She's been told her foot will take between 3 to 6 months to heal. Apparently, her neighbour had complained about the pavement before to the Council, but nothing had been done. She stressed in her letter that she is suffering physically and mentally and desperate for their assistance. At the moment, she has to rely on her neighbour to take her child to and collect from school. While I was printing out her letter, my friend told me that the day she tripped was the same day England had been playing Germany in the recent World Cup football. She said the hospital department was so short staffed due to people watching the football match, she had to return the next day to get her foot sorted properly. She also said after the incident she wrote to the Council but they claimed they never received her letter. That's why she's having it re-done. She asked me to print two copies for her: one for the Council and one for her record. I also promised to email her the original.

I believe my friend's experience epitomises the human beliefs I have discussed earlier. Because people's needs are given different priorities, my friend's needs didn't appear to have been taken seriously by the Council or the hospital. Also, because of the medical belief that things take time, she's accepted that her foot is going to take months to heal.

Is it possible that one's beliefs in levels and difficulties prevents one from experiencing miracles and instantaneous healing? Was my friend's beliefs interfering with her good?

I believe nothing can separate us from our good because Spirit is always reminding us of our good and even brings them to us. In my friend's case, her belief in things taking time didn't stop me helping her type her letter. Although I didn't tell her how pertinent the piece I was working on was to her actual experience, I wished her well and hoped everything got sorted out for the best. I know it will. She gave me a peck on the cheek and thanked me for helping her.

With humans, some things are possible and others are not; with Spirit, nothing is impossible.

I am Spirit in human form.


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