Thursday, 12 August 2010

Love Makes You Act Out of Character

As Shakespeare once realised, this world is indeed a stage filled with people taking on many different characters. By "characters", I'm not just referring to personalities but what is expected of human behaviour, animals, nature, etc. However, when Love takes over, people start acting so out of character it's akin to madness.

Part of the human programming is that we are meant to either be in defence or attack mode against the "enemy" seen and unseen. Where there is only Love what is there to defend yourself against? A few months back, as I was chatting to this woman who had a cold and was coughing and wheezing, I felt like giving her a hug and I did. If I was being true to my human character, I would have run a mile away from her as the script says I'm not meant to be so close to someone with a contagious illness. That's Love for you, it made me forget my lines, again.

Another character portrait is we're meant to keep on trying to fix and change ourselves to fit someone else's idea of what is perfect. In the eyes of Love we are already perfect and there's nothing to be added or taken away. Love says, just be yourself. When you are being yourself by doing what you love, you naturally draw people and experiences that resonate with you as a unique individual.

Even animals are now acting out of character these days, i.e. being friendly with animals they are meant to be "enemies" with or even acting strange around humans. I've written elsewhere about this cat I've seen on a lead who follows his human friend everywhere. The last time I saw them, they were both in the library. A cat is not supposed to be on a lead like a dog following his human friend everywhere! That cat has gone bonkers!

I believe as more and more people continue to wake up to Love as the only substance and presence they will experience a world acting out of character - a world that is always loving, safe, and abundant. Those who insist on being true to character will continue to experience the world in the same old attack and defence mode.

Each to their own.

Love makes me act of character, thank God.


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