Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Waking Up from the Dream of Duality

In the dream of duality there are experiences of bondage/freedom, good/evil, heroes/villains, light/darkness, conservatives/liberals, lack/plenty, sickness/health, life/death, pain/pleasure, etc. People always choose sides and play equivalent roles.

Speaking of dreams, last night I watched Total Recall again for the umpteenth time. It is one of my favourite movies.

When Hauser, a secret agent, is sent to Mars to infiltrate the resistance movement who want to overthrow their oppressor, Cohaagen, Hauser falls in love with Melina, one of the resistance fighters, and joins their cause. Hauser's memory of his trip to Mars is then erased and a new memory is implanted identifying him as Quaid who works as a construction worker and has been married to a woman called Lori for 8 years. Unbeknownst to Quaid, Lori is a secret agent working for Cohaagen and there to keep an eye on Quaid. Although Quaid is happy enough in his job and marriage, he yearns for something more exciting. He also keeps dreaming of life on Mars and being in love with another woman, Melina. He even suggests to his "wife" that they move to Mars but Lori refuses. When Quaid visits a travel company called "Rekall" where you can have memories of a holiday implanted, Quaid starts remembering snippets of his previous journey to Mars. Quaid decides to visit Mars for real to discover why he had gone to Mars before and to investigate why Cohaagen doesn't want him returning to Mars.

To cut a long convoluted story short, Quaid is reunited with Melina and the leader of the resistance movement and discovers an alien technology that can provide free air for everyone on Mars. Cohaagen tries very hard to prevent Quaid from activating the technology but Quaid succeeds. The people of Mars are finally free from their oppressor and Quaid is free to be with Melina, the woman of his dreams.

As we can see, in the film, Quaid went from being on the side of the villains to becoming a hero and liberating the people of Mars.

Like Quaid, there are many who consider themselves to be freedom fighters and here to save humanity from their oppressors. I believe that as long as you're seeing yourself as fighting another you're still in a dream of duality. Once one dream has ended, sooner or later you're bound to dream up another version of duality.

How does one wake up from the dream and live in Reality?

You have to wake up and realise there is only One Light expressing Self as the many, whose nature is love. Where there is only love there are no villains or heroes, good or evil, light or darkness, there is only infinite expressions of love. Put another way, there is only the One appearing as people doing what they love and loving what they love.

Realisation of Love's omnipresence ends all dreams of duality.


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